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Ranthambhore National Park
Best season: november - april

If you have seen a BBC TV documentary about tigers it is likely that it was shot here.  The tigers of Ranthambhore are famously diurnal in their habits and this makes the reserve one of the best in India for a sighting. It is no coincidence that the reserve is well known amongst professional wildlife photographers.  Covering 1334sq.km it is currently believed that the reserve holds between 40 and 50 tigers and they are doing well.  Plentiful prey species like chital (spotted deer) and sambar provide excellent hunting and the rugged terrain, mixed forest and open grassland provide plenty of good ambush spots. 


The reserve is dominated by the 10th century fort built on a high plateau with towering cliffs dropping to the jungle below.  As far as the wildlife is concerned the centrepiece of the reserve are the beautiful lakes which were dug when the reserve was managed by the Mahajaras as a hunting area.  These lakes attract all manner of animals and birds to their shores and huge marsh crocodiles lurk beneath the surface waiting for an easy kill.  A few years ago a large male tiger was renowned for hunting  sambar beside the lake and chasing them into the shallows; a spectacular sight.

You also have an excellent chance of seeing many other mammals here including sloth bears, leopards, wild boar, jackals, caracal and mongoose.  In all, around 30 species of mammal have been recorded.  This figure is nearer 300 when it comes to the avian fauna, with a wide cross section of species from spoonbills to raptors to paradise flycatcher.  One bird you will not miss is the beautiful rose ringed parakeet whose gaudy green plumage and noisy calls make them unmissable.  Sadly, they are so common you are likely to become rather blase of their presence after a few days!



The park is open between the 1st of October to the end of June.  There are only two permissable ways you can enter the park.  One is by a large open topped truck called a canter which takes up to 20 people and the other far preferable option is to take a jeep.  There are a limited number of jeeps so these need to be booked in advance which we can arrange.  You can also arrange to go up and see the fort which is well worth a visit and don’t forget to take your camera just in case you should happen to see a tiger whilst up there!


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